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TASTY TUESDAY: Brand New Look, Same GREAT Blog!

Look Who's Changed!!
Welcome to my newest adventure - blog design!!!  I really wanted to change things up, but was worried whether or not I could do it.  Web design is pretty easy, but time consuming!  I've spent hours and hours revamping the blog to make it easier to navigate through and more appealing to readers.  It will still have All your favorites, plus new tidbits and weekly features.  I need your feedback though!!!  I won't know how to better accommodate you if you don't tell me what you want to read about!  I hope that everyone enjoys the new format, content and pictures.  Today, I AM doing Tasty Tuesday, with all Kid-Friendly recipes, everything is terrifyingly terrific!  

Tasty Tuesday: Halloween Edition
I have concocted a few of my secret spells and recipes sure to please even the most picky goblins, ghosts and ghouls.  All my recipes are easy, fairly inexpensive and have that spooktacular factor that will make the monsters howl for more!

A new feature I've added is Kid Approved/Picky Eater Plus.  All recipes that have a blue * are Kid Approved, which means you and your kids can make these recipes together!  In some cases, older children can do the recipe with little or no supervision!  The asterisk also indicates that this is Picky Eater Plus, meaning that even your most stubborn child will enjoy these sweet treats and good eats! Look for the *'s on all my recipes!

Witch's Brew*
Prep Time: 10 min                     Serves: 12 (about 3 quarts)

Witch's Brew
Lemonade mix (enough to make 1 quart)                                            
2 tsp meringue powder*
3 drops of yellow food coloring
6 drops of green food coloring
1 liter cold ginger ale
2 liters of cold seltzer

Combine lemonade mix, meringue powder and food coloring.  SLOWLY pour in the ginger ale and seltzer; stir until combined completely.  Serve in a spooky container or cups.

*  When the meringue powder is added to ginger ale and seltzer, it bubbles and foams!  The kids will really get into watching that!

Creepy-Crawly Cupcakes*
Follow the directions on your favorite recipe of cupcakes or buy a box of Betty Crocker, whip 'em up and decorate as follows:

Creepy-Crawly Cupcakes
Frankenstein Cupcake:  You Will Need:  Chocolate covered grahams, green jelly beans, decorating gel icing, green food coloring

Melt some icing that has been food colored green in microwave until it evenly coats spoon.  Take a chocolate covered graham and dip it in melted frosting that's been dyed green.  Cut 2 green jelly beans in half to form bolts and nose.  Use decorating gel icing for eyes and eyebrows.

Spider Web:  You Will Need:  Decorating gel icing, orange jelly bean, orange M&M

Use black decorating gel to make your spider web.  Use the jelly bean and M&M to make the spider's body and head.  Take orange decorating gel to make legs.  Dip a toothpick into the black gel and "dot" eyes on the M&M

Leaves & Broom:  You Will Need: 1 Lg Shredded Wheat, 1 pretzel stick and 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, candy leaf sprinkles, pumpkin candy, gel icing

Cut shredded wheat in half.  Melt the chocolate and attach the "broom" to the pretzel stick w/the chocolate.  sprinkle the leaves and place the pumpkin in the leaf pile.  Decorate the pumpkin's face w/the gel icing.

Pumpkin Patch & Peanut-Batty Cupcakes
Peanut-Batty:  You Will Need:  Orange and black sprinkles, 1 mini peanut butter cup, 2 regular size peanut butter cups, red gel icing, chocolate icing

Take regular peanut butter cup, cut in half and scallop half to make wings.  Use mini cup and chocolate icing to make ears and to anchor the wings to head atop cupcake.  Take red gel icing to pipe a mouth and decorate with the sprinkles.  You can also roll cupcake edges in sprinkles (like in the picture).

Pumpkin Patch:  You Will Need:  Orange sugar sprinkles, orange gel icing and Jolly Rancher green-apple fruit chew, not regular hard candy kind.

Ice cupcake w/orange icing and roll/sprinkle in the orange sugar.  Pipe veins into pumpkin using the orange gel.  Cut the Jolly Rancher into a small stem and vine pieces and attach to your cupcake pumpkin!

Spider Web Cheese Pizza

Spiderweb Pizza*
Prep Time: 5 min           Bake Time: 8-10 min

1 pkg of pre-baked mini-crusts
Pizza sauce
2 string cheese sticks
3 black olives

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  Place crusts on cookie sheet and cover with sauce.  Take string cheese, pull into strips and form a spider web.  Cut 1 olive in half to make spider head and body.  Use the other olives to make legs and fangs by cutting into pieces.  Bake for 8-10 min or until the cheese web melts.

The Pictures and recipes came from a Halloween edition of Woman's Day, 2008.  I have tested and tried each of these recipes myself with many different classes I've taught over the years.  Kids LOVE all of 'em!

Costume Parade!!
I've been scouring the net for costume ideas, when I stumbled upon these cuties and wanted to share them with y'all (I actually found a former student of mine on Huffington post - he's the gnome!!) I trust everyone has a costume picked out, if not, maybe try one of these on for size!

2012-10-29 10.48.16-1.png2012-10-29 10.44.12-1.png2012-10-29 10.44.36-1.png

Woodland Warrior Princess; Chef Boy-R-Cute!!!; The King

2012-10-29 10.45.18-1.png2012-10-29 10.45.59-1.png2012-10-29 10.46.10-1.png

The "Donald" (this is actually a baby girl); Garden Gnome; Baby Borat

2012-10-29 10.47.43-1.png2012-10-29 10.47.50-1.pngIMG_20121027_223856.jpg

Baby Chicky; Lil Pumpkin; G.I. Joe Snake Eyes (that one's mine)! heeheehee!

I love seeing kids all dressed up in costume!  Send in your kids pictures from Halloween and I'll post them in the new Katie's Kute Kids section of the blog!  

Quick End/Coffee Table Decor
A few quick ideas to spook out your living room last-minute, just in time for tomorrow!
1012121801b-1.jpg            1012121801c-1.jpg            1012121800b-1.jpg

Take pieces of material and drape over top of end/coffee tables, add a skull, pumpkin, spiders or snakes and POOF!!  With a wave of your witch's wand, you've transformed your living space into a room fit for a zombie or monster or whatever ghouls you have living with you!  I get most my items at dollar stores.  

Katie's Kute Kids: Kostume Edition:
Saw this costume on the net and had to share it!  I LOVE it!!!  It's just way too cute!  He really looks like Obama!  
2012-10-29 10.45.07-1.png
Get out there and vote!!!

I will be back, blogging away tomorrow, with part 3 of Newborn Nonsense: 7-9 months.  Let me know what you think of the new blog, the recipes, costumes and anything else you wanna share with me!  

Peace, Love and Light,

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