Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Don't These Pants Fit & Other Reasons February Sucks....

This month has been a real bitch.  Not too many things have been going my way (yeah, I'm aware that "that's life", but it doesn't mean I have to like it).  Here's a few (yes, there are plenty more I'm NOT including). 

Many of you may remember in December I had facial/oral surgery & was on a soft food diet, soon to be replaced w/a diet high in calories & carbs (I lost a lot of weight while recovering).  Well....the aftermath has arrived!  Note to self: you CANNOT survive on chocolate, noodles & Pepsi & expect to continue to weigh 111lbs, nor can you get lazy, lay around watching Millionaire & The View & just stop Pilates all together & expect to stay bikini-ready! 
I can proudly say I'm back on track, exercising daily & only had 1 Pepsi yesterday!! Yay, go me! (You don't know how huge that is, only drinking 1 Pepsi....The only fair comparison would be like an alcoholic who starts drinking before noon, drinks all day & even goes to bed w/one on the nightstand....that's a pretty accurate pic of my relationship w/Pepsi). 
So, I'm trying to eat right, exercise daily & make smart choices when it comes to my non-stop snacking after 9pm every night.  I'm confident this extra weight will just evaporate w/a little hard work.
.....just solved 1 problem.....hopefully......  

That being said, I'm officially OVER winter (ok, ok, so technically mid 70's to low 80's isn't much of a" winter", but hey, it's winter to me)!  I want to swim & stroll along the beach & bitch constantly about how I wish it was winter again.  I long to be tan again instead of albino. 

My skin.  When did it decide to finally go through puberty & just break out like crazy?!?  I'm 35! Why is this happeni....oh, God....could this be tied in w/my bouts of crying for no reason (or a really sentimental commercial), the hot flashes I get throughout the day, the sweat I'm drenched in 1 minute, followed by cold chills the next.....is it, dare I even say it....MENOPAUSE?!?!  Lord help everyone close to me if it is!  But seriously, my skin is worse than it ever was when I was a teen!  I'm so ugly right now......& fat.

This next one is DRAINING ME!  Ben's extra-curricular schedule.  He is 7 & his dance card is way more filled than mine (ok, so I don't even have a dance card).  On Monday & Tuesday he, I mean WE have baseball until 7:30pm, Wednesday it's Cub Scouts from 6-7pm, there's trips to the library & park, entertaining him every second of every day, having to feed him, clothe him, let him live in my house, etc....its exhausting!  (Yes, I am very aware that is what having kids is all about, but everyone is entitled to bitch about it from time to time & yes the last part was 100% joke).

I am basically saying, hurry up March, I'm waiting!!! That's all. 

Peace, Love & Light,

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