Friday, February 15, 2013

Hurricane Ben.....

Since my last post (over 2wks ago).  I know, I'm soooo horrible w/deadlines, but I have a REALLY good excuse....well, actually, I have four excuses!

The first & second reason is Ben & I.  Last Thursday, I had to pick him up from school early w/a fever & lots of snot.  He wasn't allowed to come back until the fever was under 101.1° for 48hrs (GREAT policy if you want my opinion)!  There's been a lot of sick children & staff so the school has taken extra measures to keep uninfected people that way.  Anyway, he stayed home Friday too & by Friday night, I had a fever too.  I am pretty sure we got the flu.  It lasted until Tuesday for BOTH of us!  I'm still sneezing non-stop & have developed quite the sexy, distinctive "smokers cough".
(Note: sarcasm was sprinkled on my smokers cough comment for those who'll give me hell for "glorifying" smoking)

Excuse number three is baseball clinic.  I am generally a pretty laid-back, mellow mom.  Not so much when it comes to ANYTHING even remotely associated with competition, winning, losing...basically, if you can win it, I want to be the one to have the top prize.  I'm extremely competitive.  Baseball (thank God) is just as important to Ben as it is to me.  I'll be the first one to admit, he's good.  Damn good.  He's been playing t-ball for two years now & has moved up to the "minor leagues".  They had a team-building clinic Tuesday, to let the coaches see what the kids have to offer & to fairly split the kids into teams.  Quite a few coaches were checking out my lil slugger!  One coach even walked across the field to check him out!  He did an outstanding job & I'm very proud of him.  He's going to be such an asset to any of the teams!

Number four.  Two words.  Pinewood Derby.
Um, so, yeah....I breed champions!  Ben won second place overall out of the entire troop!  His car was the fastest out of all the other packs except one was a great race.  We almost had him, but, sadly, our car had a tire problem at the end when we needed it to race fast.  But, he won a trophy & all the splendour & bragging rights to dominating the entire race!  If it weren't for the tire problem, I'm confident we would have swept the whole thing!  Congratulations to Wyatt, the weblow who's car was just a smidge faster than Bens.  Everyone did great & everyone had a good time. 

Now, on to the hurricane that is my son.
Ben's room.  Its indescribable.  Its horrific, horrendous & for lack of better words, a fucking mess. 
I have spent hours upon hours cleaning, scrubbing, organizing & tidying up his damn bedroom.  He & my nephew completely destroy it on a daily basis. Not just take a few things out & not return them to their proper spot.  I'm talking full-on war zone.  It's literally a fucking dump.  They wallor in their own filth & fester in their boy-cave. I am at my wits end!  I can't do it anymore!  I (amazingly) kept my cool last night while I laid down the law.  Neither one of them will be allowed to leave the room until it's cleaned.  William will NOT be permitted to just go home when it's cleaning time & Ben will NOT sucker me into "helping" him, which translates into mom doing everything.  They both assured me that things would be different this time, that they'd both start keeping things tidy....
I walked into the room this morning, after they left for school....the horror of it!  Its just not even cool, what these spoiled, little princes are doing.  It's total & complete bullshit!  Guess I know what I'll be doing today.....fuck!!!

Any suggestions? I need help, ASAP!!

Peace, Love & Light,

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