Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's A Scary, Scary World (to the tune of "Its A Small World)

I'm watching the news (if that's not depressing & terrifying enough), I just can't shake the unsettling feeling I get about the latest & "cray-est" sociopath making headlines.  Its now been about 40 hours since a Vietnam vet took it upon himself to board a school bus, shoot the driver 4 times & take a young boy who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (a form of Autism) hostage.  He & the boy have been holed up in an underground bomb shelter-type bunker.  The man has allowed the police/officials to send the boys necessary medicines through a pvc pipe tube leading into the shelter & the boy is said to have food as well as t.v.
Police are negotiating to free the boy, who is probably scared shitless!!  ANY child would understandably be terrified, but an Aspie?!? Its amplified by about 1000!!!  It's a disaster waiting to happen if officials don't act quick!
Children who suffer from any type of trauma such as this, have a difficult time coping, but most have the social "know-how" to keep their captors somewhat calm & at bay.  With Asperger's, social skills are lacking (for a better word).  Emotions can be raw & at times, primal.  Being in a small, confined space is out of routine (another Aspie "quirk") & is likely to cause even more confusion & frustration for the 5 year old Alabama boy.  Aspie's are creatures of habit, love & thrive off of routines.  Most are very intelligent, but many have a difficult time conveying wants, needs & sometimes verbal/communication skills are delayed.
Imagine the poor boys mental state after not only seeing his beloved bus driver get shot to death in front of him & his peers, but then having to actually go with this crazy man?!?!
As a mother, my heart aches for this boy & makes me hug mine even tighter.  As an advocate for Asperger's & Autism, it breaks.  I have a very special son.  I know how a change of routine messes with him; example: for over a week, his teacher has been prepping him for her being out of the class today & tomorrow.  She knows that this is essential for his success & behavior.  He would more than likely have a "yellow" or "orange" day if her absence was sprung on him (as opposed to a child who does not suffer from the spectrum of disorders).  He would shut down during tests, shout out during lessons & tomorrow's field trip would be a disaster (for not only him, but the other children & adults). 
Aspie's need structure, compassion & an understanding I fear the young boy may not be getting. 

In closing, I hope & pray that this man lets the boy go.  Sooner than later.  He needs his parents, his house & his routine.  He's just a baby....his family needs him too.  I am choked up at the thought of what his poor mother must be going through.  Everyone, I don't usually ask this, but PLEASE PRAY FOR HIS SAFE RETURN!!

Peace, Love & Light,

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