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Tasty Tuesday - Under The Sea Edition

Tasty Tuesday: Under The Sea Edition

Welcome to another delicious edition of Tasty Tuesday!  Today's recipe and Food Files all have one thing in common - the main ingredient is seafood!  Whether it's tuna for the recipe or shrimp-kabobs and crab meat salad in the files, we're visiting the depths of the ocean for today's post.  In Florida, loving all things seafood is kinda like an unspoken rule.  Its expected of the children to become skilled and be in love with fishing, everyone knows how to swim, most everyone here on the island have some type boat, canoe, kayak....so seafood just seemed like a perfect main ingredient. 
 I WAS planning on doing something different, had pics all ready to upload and the other day, my stupid phone (with ALL my pics and research notes, recipes, etc.) totally fried!  The brain or computer inside of it, literally just froze up and stopped working.  Not even the Verizon techies could fix it!  Soooo, my new one arrives today, but, more importantly, the pics used in the recipes are taken from the recipe books/mags their from.  I hate using other pics and not my own, but like I said, I lost all my crap for this week!  Can't even retrieve it when I get the new phone either, because the techies had me do a factory reset that was totally bunk, so in the process of loosing my phone, I lost all my pics, contacts, passwords, everything!
Despite that, I hope y'all try the recipes, their super-yummy and the family will love them.  As for price, everything is moderately priced (except maybe the shrimp-you may pay a bit more for them depending on supply and demand in your particular area).

Recipe of the Day (ROTD): Tuna Puttanesca

Prep Time: 5 min                            Cook Time: 20 min

1-10oz can of Albacore Tuna (I prefer in water, but if you like oil, that's fine)
1lb of whole grain cellentani pasta (any shaped pasta will work, we just like the corkscrew shape.  You also don't have to do the "whole grain" thing, but it's healthier)
1-25oz. jar of Puttanesca pasta sauce
crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
sea salt
fresh basil (optional)
grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
1/4 cup chopped black olives (optional)

Cook pasta in a big pot of salted, boiling water according to directions & drain
In pasta pot, combine sauce and drained tuna.  Bring to a simmer, then remove from heat
Add pasta back into the pot and sprinkle in olives, red pepper flakes, basil, Parmesan cheese
Salt & pepper to taste
Serve with sweet corn (can be mixed into pasta) and warm bread

This is a super-easy, super cheap meal that with just this recipe, you can easily feed 6-8 (maybe more) people depending on how big the servings are.  Its also pretty healthy and provides a good left-over meal!  Enjoy!

Tuna Puttanesca w/olives, basil and crushed red peppers

Katie's Food Files: Seafood Edition
Today, I have two (yep, TWO) Food Files plus a bonus kitchen tip for your taste buds today.  Food Files are basically just tips, secrets or mini-recipes that make for an easier time in the kitchen.  The two featured today are Bacon/Shrimp BBQ Kabobs and Crab meat Salad.  

Bacon/Shrimp BBQ Kabobs

1lb of devained, deshelled shrimp
1lb pre-cooked bacon
Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ Sauce (or whatever your fave is)

*Gas/Charcoal grill is recommended for best results, but you can bake them in the oven 350 degrees for 15-20 min, give or take (depending on shrimp size, bacon thickness, times will vary)

Take your shrimp and wrap it with pre-cooked bacon (raw bacon doesn't get fully cooked) and gently slide on to skewers. Once the kabobs are done and on the grill, start brushing them lightly with BBQ sauce.  Depending on how tangy you like them, add more or less of the BBQ sauce.  Cook on each side 3-4 min, flipping half way through.  DO NOT OVERCOOK - the shrimp will get really rubbery.  Remove from grill and serve!  Your family will thank you later......your welcome! 

Crab Meat Salad

1 package of imitation crab meat
1 bag of salad
any salad toppings you like

This is just a way to spice up your regular old "house salad" by adding crab meat.  You can substitute the crab meat with just about ANYTHING if you don't want to it.  It can be heated or served chilled, with or without cheeses....the possibilities are endless

*This is a great thing to do with young children.  Always make sure they're supervised (maybe pre-cut anything that requires a knife, depending on the age of the children) and that they've washed their hands.  Basically, it's just adding ingredients to a bowl and tossing!  Kids love doing stuff like that, plus, it instills a sense of pride and accomplishment and gives us moms some much-needed face time with our kids!


FUNK-B-GONE: The Dryer Sheet Trick
OK, so I saw this last week on GMA or Ellen (help me out - if you saw this, leave me a comment or email so I can give the right show props) and I just HAD to share it with y'all!!  

For pans that have crud and gunk stuck on them from sitting too long or from a kitchen disaster, fill the pan/pot with hot water and a regular old dryer sheet and let it soak overnight.  The next morning, you'll be able to wipe the nasty right off without any elbow grease at all!!  Your pan/pot will be looking good as new!

*I think this should go without saying, but PLEASE, please wash the pan/pot afterwards - do not just put away or use with dryer sheet residue in/on it-you or your family could get sick!!!

I hope y'all enjoyed this underwater adventure in cooking!  Send me your fave seafood recipes - maybe I'll feature yours in an upcoming edition!  Tomorrow's What to REALLY Expect will be going on to part two in my series Newborn Nonsense:  4-to-6-months all the myths and old wives' tales will be debunked, plus, I'll give you first-hand knowledge on what baby items are a must and what ones to donate to charity.  Hope you all check it out and recommend it to someone you know with small children!  Until next time, Bon Appetite!!!

As always, I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!!!  Follow my adventures on Twitter or Instagram, email me or comment below.  I always welcome your advice, questions, concerns and comments!  It's fuel for my fire and helps me figure out what y'all want to read about next!  Thanks to all of you for being loyal readers and getting this off the ground with me!  Soooo appreciated!

Peace, Love and Light,

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