Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Friggin' New Year....

Why I'm NOT Gonna Let This Year Suck Ass (or will it??):

I thought about being all cheerful and chipper this morning, but as life will have it, that is just not in the cards for yours truly.  My morning started off with an epic argument w/Karl over a furniture commercial.  Yeah, you read that right, a fucking furniture commercial!!!  I swear to God above, this man of mine is completely insane!  I love him to death, but seriously, death is looking like a pretty sweet deal right now.  (OK, so maybe not DEATH, but a slow and painful castration would do him nicely).  Then, we caught Ben trying to strangle the dog!  Now, Karl's shaving Ben's head to look like a concentration camp victim!!  I told Karl to NOT do that, but since I talk in languages that are not spoken by the caveman that is my hubby, it went unacknowledged!  Great!  It's been a wonderful 2013 thus far and if this is any indication how the next 364 days will be, y'all are in for quite a blogging treat (by treat I mean my incessant ramblings and bitch-fests about my family).

2012 Re-Cap:

I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the past year, until I actually thought about all the shitty things that happened.  It then didn't seem so fun anymore, but, since I'm a glutton for punishment, here goes:

January started off good enough, I was pregnant with twins and life was great!  I was working as a director/principal of a small preschool (even though the owners were major ASSHOLES) and making good choices for the babies and myself.
February brought on complications with the twins.  One was tubal and the other one's heartbeat was faint-to-not-there.  Instead of getting my remaining tube and ovary removed, we opted for chemotherapy to "shrink" the tubal pregnancy.  I missed a total of 3 days of work due to the chemo & got bitched at sooo badly from my bosses, I miscarried the remaining baby.
March 2, 2012 I was asked to go home from my job after getting told I "lied" about my doctor appointments...I never went back to that joke of a school again.  I filed for unemployment, which the owners fought me on (they lied under oath to the appeals board, got caught & I won my unemployment - ALWAYS keep copies of time cards, Dr appts, etc for yourself - that's what proved them wrong).
April was a pretty boring month.  I had completed my chemo and was feeling weak, yet determined to get back into the swing of things again.  We took Ben to beaches and the Shell Factory and other places since the previous month was focused on my illness and recovery.
May was here and gone in the wink of an eye!  I started doing Pilates and focused on changing  the outside AND inside.
June was hot and sticky so we spent pretty much every weekend at the beach.  Sanibel Island was our favorite place to hit the waves.  The shells are also awesome out there!
July started out horribly.  I can't even write about it yet, for total and absolute fear, disgust, shame....I seriously can't really even think of anything, next to my mother dying, that's ever been worse!  All I can write is that, God sends his strongest solders to fight his toughest battles and I rose to the occasion and came out on top!
August is when dad was hospitalized.  That was the longest month of my entire life!  To sit in intensive care, everyday, thinking your dad is going to die....its something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  It was horrible.  It was terrifying.  Not to mention his and Ben's birthdays are in August.  Ben had a good party (he didn't know I was crying the whole time, scared sick).  My family stuck together the best we could, my brother, sister and I were a united front (with a few breakdowns here and there, hey, we're siblings, we were bound to fight w/each other at least once, right) and decided if he was going to have to have the plug pulled, we would have to honor his wishes and do what he wanted.  Well, something made us try just one more thing, by month's end, he had a tracheotomy performed and there was talk of a rehab facility for him to learn how to breath w/o a respirator.
September dad was moved to Sarasota to the rehab hospital.  He made a super-quick recovery and returned home to his children, grandchildren and friends. His trach hole closed up and he started to walk again!  In honor of my dad's recovery and since I NEVER want Ben to have to go through that, I quit smoking.  YAY me!!
October was filled with candy, costumes and was a pretty good month!  I felt like things were slowly getting closer to "normal"  I was sticking to the No Smoking rule and felt damn good about it!
November had lots of food, folks and fun!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the entire family at dad's house and nobody fought!  A feat worth mentioning!
December came and went in a flash...Christmas was awesome, but overall the month was just kinda blah.  I had facial surgery on my sinuses and teeth, Karl had an injury that landed him in the hospital and jobless and Ben caught bronchitis!  Merry Christmas, indeed!!

So, in closing, there's really no place to go but up for my family and me.  We're poor, pissed and ready for a change!  I'm more determined than ever to make something work for the unluckiest family on earth!  C'mon, 2013, lets DO THIS!!  I'm gonna stay positive and I'm NOT gonna let you get the best of me like I let your younger, dumber sister, 2012!!

Peace, Love, LUCK & Light,
(formerly known as the world's unluckiest mom)

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