Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Autumn!

Finally!!!!  Autumn Has Returned!!

Saturday marked the first official day of Autumn so in honor of that, my post today is going to be all centered around Fall!  This has always been my FAVE season!  I love wearing coats, hats and sweaters.  The crisp, cool air, the beautiful leaves changing colors....Aaahhh!  I could go on and on about my love affair with Autumn!

 * * * Nature Craft * * * 

I was flipping through my old craft/activities binders and stumbled upon this cute "nature craft" to do with your child that's super cheap (you probably already have the store-bought materials on hand right now!), super easy and super adorable!!


All you need to construct this cute creature is glue, googly eyes, pine cones, nuts, twigs, sticks, rocks and leaves (use marker for nose and mouth if you want to add them).  After your child has decided on what to make, use glue to construct the creature and set it somewhere out of touch to dry.  You can even build off the idea and create all different types of wreaths, place settings/name card holders, coffee table decor. 

                  Pine Cone Fairy
Cute Lil Creature you and your child can create!

The possibilities are pretty endless, so use your creativity and imagination to make a Wonderful Woodland Creature!  Send pics of your creations to I'll post some of my fave's!!

* Family Fun Magazine is where the pics and idea came from.  I'm not sure what year or what volume number.  It was an old page ripped out and thrown into my craft binder, but I'm sure if you go to you can find similar crafts and ideas to make that are inexpensive and kid-friendly.

Outfit of the Week (#ootw) Contest!!

I'm kicking off the first week of Fall with the Outfit of the Week Contest!  Use the hashtag #ootw on twitter or in the subject line of emails and I'll feature and follow (and of course, encourage my peeps to follow) you on instagram or twitter!  I'll also be posting outfits deemed "fall-fashion-forward" here on the blog!  Each week I'll have my esteemed panel of judges decide who makes the cut! (<--- anyone get that reference??)

Boho-Chic at it's best!
Scarf and Jacket combo w/Moccasins

Here are a few examples of some of my #ootd (outfit of the day) from last month.  Be creative and send all your #ootw pics to any of my accounts (listed below) 

Twitter:           MizzKatieS

Instagram:     MizzKatie_S


For Your Health

I have decided to include a health-fitness-diet-healthy lifestyle article.  I L-O-V-E pilates and running and consider myself addicted to both.  I suffered from juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and continue to suffer from RA to this day.  That and the fact I'm no spring chicken anymore, I took the hard step to make my life and my lifestyle a healthy one.  All I did was incorporate a healthy attitude, exercise routine and menu that would work for me!  
What I did
With diet, it had to be within my food budget and had to be something Ben and Karl would like.  The exercise potion had to be something I could do and not get tired of doing (i bore easily when it comes to exercising and coming up w/something that sticks).  I chose originally, aerobic routines (one hour, three times a week) and pilates (same deal, 1hr, 3x per wk).  I have slowly (and i mean slllooowwwlllyyyy) have introduced kick-boxing and running into my game plan.  Soon I was doing something seven days a week!!  The attitude just kinda fell into place, I actually hurt less even though i was doing more!!  I felt great, therefor, I had an attitude that followed!  My family thanks me daily!  Since May, when starting this new lifestyle, I've lost 30lbs and went down 4 sizes! (even though that shouldn't be what motivates you, we both know better than that, we're women)!
What You Can Do - little changes that work!
There's always gonna be "fads" and "miracle cures" and "get-skinny-quick" diets, but the ONLY thing that really works in eating right, exercise and a positive attitude, but, here are some tips and secrets to gently help guide you in the right direction.

1.  Use buttermilk instead of chicken fat (keeps boneless skinless chicken tender & moist b/c it's acidic)

2.  Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat (most our kids are getting it at school anyways).  You can include it into your diet at home by using whole wheat pastas, breads and pastry flour.

3.  Greek Yogurt for a dressing/mayo substitute.  There are cucumber-garlic and dried tomato-basil flavors that are, no lie, better tasting than some chip dips I've had and WAY healthier!!

4.  Hawaian Punch or Crystal Light singles packs and Mio drink mixes and water are low-cal plus don't have all the sugar that fruit and "kids" drinks have.  Ben loves mixing his own drink (and you can trick your family into drinking more water)! 

5.  Smaller portions and eat slower!!  I swear by this one.  If you eat slower, your body fills up quicker and you actually enjoy the meal more and your full with a smaller portion!  That's not only beneficial for your waist, but your pocketbook too!

I hope that these tips, along with your own research and doctor's supervision, you too can begin to start looking at life through different eyes!  Good Luck, ladies!!  Send me before and after pics and your story!  Share what worked for you!

As always, contact me at any of the above addresses or leave me a comment below!  I am having such a blast doing this blog!  Everyday it's so much fun to see how many of you are reading it and commenting back to me in some form.  Let's keep the momentum going!  If you have anything you'd like me to write about, let me know!

Peace, Love and Light,


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