Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Fun Friday!! Weekend Tips to De-Sress & Free Up YOUR Time!

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

Happy FUN FRIDAY Everyone!!!

Weekend Plans: De-Stress Your "Days Off"

Well, the weekend is here and a lot of you will be hosting sleep-overs, running errands and driving this one here & picking up this one from there.....Why are they even called weekends when we work just as hard, if not harder than we do during the week?!

Some ways to simplify your hectic weekend are as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1.  RECRUIT YOUR KIDS!!!  A lot of the times, kids are more than willing to help out around the house (or anywhere, really).  Have them help with laundry, dishes, feeding the family pets, write out grocery lists*, picking up around the house (assign each a room).
Now, the amount of responsibilities will depend on their ages, maturity and availability.  Don't expect a small child to be able to handle something like washing dishes, but putting their clothes away, picking up toys, children as young as toddlers can do that.  Just remember with the little ones, 1-2 commands at a time.  Any more than that could confuse their small, developing minds and could potentially set the child up for failure.
     *writing grocery lists (or any lists) help develop strong verbal, spelling & writing skills.  When children are exposed to this at home, it DEF shows in the classroom.  Your child's teacher will thank you.

2.  SAVE THE EASY STUFF FOR EVENING!! Your prob thinking, "What??? She's crazy"!  No, seriously, just b/c your worn out at night doesn't mean you can't get stuff accomplished.  Dishwasher, washing/drying machines, baking that requires long ammts. of time and computer correspondence can all pretty much be done effortlessly and without even realizing that your doing "chores".  
When I watch t.v. or read w/Ben or even go for an evening walk, I have something happening on the home front.  Whether it's drying clothes or answering emails, it can all be done sitting on the comfort of your couch!  You can switch laundry during commercials or when the story's over and be back in time to still beat the break!

3.  DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF LISTS!!  This is a sure-fire way to accomplish everything and manage all events, activities and hoopla's you may have going on.  Most of us have a program on our smart phones (its already on Androids, no Play Store needed), called Richnote.  I've had it on my phones for 3yrs now & JUST discovered it!!!  I just recently started using it & I'm officially in love!! It is soooo convenient and easy to use.
If your still using a flip phone, Post-Its are my pick for writing ANYTHING down!  They come in all different sizes and colors.  They have designs now and some are even pre-lined for lists!!! Also, dollar stores (Dollar Tree & Dollar General) have an excellent selection of stationary products at next to nothing prices.  Now, get writing and free up some time for you, your spouse and of course your babies, both two and four legged!!

My Weekend Plans, Blog-related and so much more!!

I have been a busy gal, making sure I have oodles of information to send your way real soon!  Exciting pictorials, kid-approved recipes, seasonal tips & crafts, educational links to further ensure your child does their best in school, photo contests, ways to survive being a woman today, beauty tips and overhauls, fashions, friends and family (my 3 favorite "F" words), as so much more!!  

As always, contact me, follow me, all that good stuff....the more you want, the more I give!  You guys are my driving force behind all this so let me know what YOU want, what YOU like, dislike, want more of.

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Don't know if there will be an update this weekend, I have to visit dad and (from the above post) have about 50 thousand things to get done in two short days, so if I don't get a chance to post anything, do something JUST FOR YOU!!  YOU DESERVE IT!  Even if it's locking yourself in the bathroom for a half hour, so you can soak in the tub and listen to Meatloaf. (Oh NO!!  My secret shame has been revealed!!!  I have a weird love for Meatloaf's music?!?!?  I know, right?! haha).  

Have a great, safe weekend everyone!!
Peace, Love & Light,

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