Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maybe Its the Weather....Maybe Not....

Maybe It's the Weather....Maybe Not.....

It's just soooo horrible looking outside.  Rainy, wet, humid and ugly here in my normal tropical paradise.  Today I feel like my post isn't gonna be my normal "Sunshine & Rainbows" attitude.  I have honestly been feeling very crappy lately and its been quite hard to NOT burst into tears over the most absurd things that wouldn't normally even register to me as being something to cry about.

That being said, the TOPIC OF THE DAY is something that has been bothering me & has made me bawl hysterically as of late.

TOPIC OF THE DAY FEATURE:  Katie's Kids Korner:

My child treats me like I'm one of his friends. (Originally supposed to be posted Monday, but things were WAY TOO nuts to get to)

My son (who's an only child) has been becoming more and more disrespectful towards me.  I haven't changed any routines or schedules, home life has been OK (no fighting between adults OR children), I have, if anything, become a more attentive and confident mother.  I feel like I'm at the top of MY game, but he refuses to jump on board with my plans for a well-adjusted mother/son relationship!!!  How DARE he!!!  The way he speaks to me (this has all happened pretty much overnight) makes my jaw drop and most days, I hide in my room, going over in my head, what I did wrong, what I could do differently....basically beating myself up over this behavior.

He is now 7 years old and I, along w/my hubster's help, have raised him w/o the help (financial, physical, emotional) of his biological father.  It's been close to a year since he's spent any time w/him and he hasn't had an overnight visit since last June.  I grew up in a home w/mom & dad around, until the day my mom died.  We always (still do) have had this incredibly close-knit family, always doing things together.  I sometimes wonder does that affect him?  He was only one when I left his father.  He doesn't remember living in a cramped spare bedroom at gram & pap's house or living in a tiny, hot trailer, just the two of us.  He just remembers life w/Karl and has always had that constant in his life.  Karl taught him to ride a bike, pee standing up, dynamics of baseball, everything a "dad" does so that should count, right?

Or could it be his older, much mouthier friends, my nephew, who's nine is included into that group.  My boy is always the littlest, the youngest, the "lamest".  It kills me to see this, I was the oldest child so I never was at the bottom of the barrel, so to speak.  Could he be lashing out at me because he constantly is getting picked on by his peers?  

At any rate, he's still my world and I'm sure this is just a phase (my sis tells me get ready, this is only the beginning), I sure hope so, cause emotionally, I'm spent!  I hate the fact he feels like he can just treat not only his mother, but women in general this way.  I have always prided myself in standing up for myself & not letting any man push me around, but w/him, all the rules go straight out the window & kleenex stock has risen!  I know that I'll find a way, but damn, throw your mom a bone, kiddo!

Leave me a comment or email me your stories, tips and anecdotes on your children's different "phases" and how you've dealt with them! 

What happened to my sweet little angel???

Help!  My son treats me like I'm one of his friends!!!  What I'm doing at mi casa:
My advice (yes, I do take my own advice.....ok, I TRY.......most of the time) is:

     * Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!!!!  If you SAY IT, MEAN IT!  (this one's really hard for me....anyone else?)

     *  Boundaries are good things!  Believe it or not, children like to be told "NO" every now and then.  It's actually GOOD to set limits and create healthy boundaries

     *  Quit trying to be the "Cool Mom".......your not.  Your a mom.  Your not supposed to be "Cool", your not supposed to be your child's "BFF", your the parent.  Your job is more like spoiler of fun/jailer/bailer/bank!  Any mom who wants to befriend their child or party with their kids....I'm sorry to point-blank state this, but, GROW UP!!!  When your kids are ADULTS, then you can start treating them like your drinking buddy! (sorry if that's harsh, but I TOLD y'all I was in a mood!)

I hope all of you out there in cyber-space will be able to relate to these posts!  I will keep y'all updated on what's new with my lil man & his development, stories, trials & tribulations and anything I feel you mom's would benefit from in the KID KORNER, to be featured weekly on the blog!

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