Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Friday - Fashion, Beauty & More Fashion!!

Fun Friday!

Just a few short hours til the weekend begins!  I hope that everyone has had a productive week and is ready for whatever adventures the next two days brings to you and yours!  Today's post is about one of my favorite things: FASHION!!  I am bringing you a special all about looking and feeling your best, along with some suggestions for dressing up a classic staple in everyone's closet/wardrobe - white dress shirt and jeans/jean shorts.  I give three different looks great for a casual day out with the family to a snazzy dinner date with the hubby.  I hope you enjoy this edition as much as I do - fashion is my passion!

Feedback Wanted: YouTube Channel (???)
But first, on to a matter I'm kinda leery about and need feedback.  I have a YouTube channel that I never use.  I think the only thing on there is a short video of Ben, done to Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky".  I am thinking about doing a Saturday Video Diary or "Vlog" if you will, but, like I said, I'm a bit leery....I would only do strictly "Mommy-themed" fashion, beauty and household tips....I'm really thinking if I catered to you (dare I say this) more mature ladies out there, it would be different from the 100,000,000 fashion/beauty channels.  So many are geared towards young, beautiful, college students or gals with no children, who have more time and money to devote to their own personal beauty - not using make-up money to buy diapers, sooooo.......lemme know what you think.

Katie's Fashion Files: My Secret Fashion Tips
Today, I'm sharing my secret tips of the trade to with you on how to transform from soccer mom to fierce fashionista with just a wave of my magic wand!  Read on to learn how I dress to kill on a dime!
  • Dig through your mom/mom-in-law, grandmother or older aunt's old jewelry and scarves for some incredible accessories - sometimes you'll score big-time and find a rare vintage piece! (one of my fave bracelets is vintage scarab beetles & 14ct gold from Sears circa 1964-65)!
  • One woman's trash is another woman's treasure - if a girlfriend is throwing something out, give it a new home!
  • Don't be afraid to cut something up, give it a new, fresh style (I had a stain on some white dress pants, cut and hemmed them into shorts - check out the pic)!
white DIY shorts.jpg
Both Shirt & DIY Shorts:  My Michelle from Kohl's
  • Thrift stores are an awesome place to find unusual pieces to compliment your look.  They also have great costume jewelry that can be transformed into different things (unstring a necklace and turn it into earrings and a bracelet).  Or cut the sleeves off a jean jacket to make an uber-chic vest to go with your fall wardrobe.
  • Take risks, don't be afraid to wear something you like!  Carry your head high, with confidence!  Who cares what other people think?  I certainly don't! 

Bathroom Beauty: Beauty, In 5 Minutes or Less
How many of you spend a good hour, maybe longer in that darn bathroom mirror everyday? Yep, me too.  What if you sleep in?  What if the kids are sick?  Here are a few time-savers to get you beautiful in a matter of seconds! Whether your getting ready for work or just heading out to the grocery store, my tips can turn you into a Bathroom Beauty in no time at all!
My 5-minute beauty routine
  • Spend the most time on your biggest problem (if you have skin issues, spend the majority of time on that, if frizzy hair is your prob, spend the extra time on that, etc.)
  • Start by WASHING YOUR FACE & HANDS - no exceptions, your skin will thank you!
  • After washing your face, always make sure to moisturise with lotion containing SPF!  I mean it, it's essential!!
  • I always apply Oil of Olay Regenerist Filling & Sealing wrinkle treatment 2nd.  It just evens out skin tone and hides blemishes and scarring - not as thick/greasy as a concealer (Florida humidity doesn't agree w/foundation or concealer - that's why I started using mineral powders).
  • Brush face with loose/mineral powder (I use Cover Girl Loose Minerals) then lightly blush (L.A. Looks - super cheap & very good blush) cheeks & eye lids using a coral colored blush (kill two birds w/one stone).
  • Apply mascara (I prefer Rimmel London Sexy Curves) and lipstick (a GREAT, long wearing brand is JAFRA, its like Avon but for the Latino population - good quality stuff ladies - I HIGHLY recommend it) a classic color is Coral Reef.
  • Hair - rub some Keratin in it and you're good to go! (I love It's A 10 miracle oil plus Keratin)
There ya go!  My 5 minutes or less Bathroom Beauty routine!  If you have any beauty tips or secrets, please share with the rest of us.  If I end up doing the YouTube channel, I'll demonstrate this as one of the features and actually time it for you.  Comment below or get a hold of me the zillion other ways (links below).

Fall Fashion: White Shirt, Jeans, Endless Possibilities....
Below are three different looks using just a classic white dress shirt and either a pair of jeans or jean shorts.  By just adding funky accessories, you can turn this boring staple into a classic beauty!

Jolt Denim Jeans
Boom Boom Jeans Shorts
Old Navy button down

These three items can be found in almost everybody's closet.  If you don't have any of the items here, you can easily find them (I've included brand names).  I can tell you I got the shirt at Old Navy a few years ago; jeans from Ross and shorts are from Kohl's.

The first outfit is sassy sophistication that's perfect for a day at the park with your family or lunch with girlfriends!

Vintage scarf & watch; Tiffany Co. bracelet
Target slippers, Kohl's earrings
Skully cap special made by Abuela Cruz
So perfect for a crisp fall afternoon!


My second and third outfits are the same outfit, just different accessories depending on the weather.  Cooler weather is coming, but down here, we have to improvise and get creative since we only have 2 1/2 hours of winter!  But, these are both really cute options for a date or night out with the get the idea!
Ooh-La-La Lady!!  Super Sexy Date Night!

A lunch date w/friends or coffee w/co-workers!

Leopard and Gold.....
....are a girl's best friend!!
Leopard coat is Ginger; purse is Lower East Side; Slippers are Exhilaration from Target; bangle bracelets are from World Market; belt and necklace are hand-me-downs from a former employer; earrings are from prom court 1996 (yep, I saved them)!

I hope that y'all enjoyed Fun FASHION Friday!  I had a great time getting all the stuff together for this edition and I wanna see your interpretation of the classic white shirt and jeans combo!  Post your comments or contact me by clicking the links below:  is my Twitter account, user name is mizzkatie_s on Instagram

Drop me a line, follow me, whatever.... ;-)

I wish everyone a safe and exciting weekend......go on, have an adventure!!

Peace, Love and Light,

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