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What to REALLY Expect Wednesday -Newborn Nonsense (Infant Myths - pt 1 of 4)

What To REALLY Expect Wednesday: Newborn Nonsense (a 4 part series)

Hi everyone!!  It felt soooo weird to not blog on Tasty Tuesday, I hope y'all liked my meatball recipe and enjoyed the other tidbits!  I couldn't post yesterday because I had a very important  meeting.  Although I can't talk about any specifics, things went extremely well and I'm confident it will continue to do so.  I will be blogging about it eventually in My Monday, I just don't know when.  I can tell you this: basically, the truth prevails and I'm on top!!   

Newborn Nonsense: Infant Myths (Part 1 of 4)
For the next 4 weeks, What to REALLY Expect Wed. will have one topic, Newborn Nonsense, but will be posted in parts; Birth-to-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months and finally 10-12 months.  Today is part one of four.  It's a look at the first three months and all the stuff you've heard about and have feared for the last 9 months!  I'm breaking it down, 1 myth at a time, letting you know what to  REALLY expect.  It's my own go-to guide for surviving those first 12 months - just for you!  Good luck and just remember, we are not gonna screw up our kids any worse than our parents screwed us up and we turned out OK........right?!?! ;-)

Birth-To-Three Months:
You've nested and rested, the moment you've been waiting for is finally here!  You had your baby and he/she's coming home...................Now (gulp), things get really nuts!

Myth One:  Sleep Deprivation
"Get sleep whenever you can - you're never going to again"  
You do not turn into a sleep-hungry zombie just because you gave birth!  Sure, they need late-night feedings, but they sleep (no lie) like 20-22 hours out of the day at first!!  After that, most (I said MOST) babies will get on a pretty consistent schedule.  If you can't catch up on sleep during the 1000 times a day the baby naps, then did you really need that shut-eye to begin with?

Myth Two:  Instant Bondage
"When your pregnant, you instantly form this bond with your child" 
Sure, you DO form a close bond while your little love is still in utero, even after birthing, the bonding experience begins w/breastfeeding.  It is, however, difficult in the beginning, for many moms to bond with their babies - and that's OK!!!  Just like going on a date with someone new, you don't instantly feel like two peas in a pod, there's the initial "getting-to-know-you" phase that you go through with every other person in your life, why feel guilty when your instinct and human nature do the same with this new human that's been thrust into your life, forever.  It's a culture, emotional, social, physical, hormonal - you NAME it - shock to have a baby, no matter how prepared you are.  Don't worry and don't feel bad - before you know it, you'll be watching that baby sleep thinking to yourself "how in the hell did I make it X years without you?"!!  

Myth Three:  Hormones vs. Postpartum Depression
"Women make a big deal out of nothing!  Post-Partumn is just dramatic women who are letting their hormones get the best of them"
NO WAY!!  Postpartum is serious business!  I mean, even just the normal hormonal stuff is pretty crazy - your body and hormones have just went through something major!  Anyone would feel ups and downs after giving birth or having a c-section.  Don't beat yourself up for feeling ANY particular way.  That being said, there is definitely a HUGE difference between normal hormonal adjustment after birthing a child and suffering from postpartum.  Most women know their bodies well enough to know when something's gone beyond crying over a General Hospital episode to standing over your infant's crib sobbing hysterically thinking dark things.  It's an emotional roller coaster that you just have to hang on for dear life at times and others your thinking that this is way too easy!  If you do feel like maybe its not just the whole "adjustment" period, see your doctor.  Don't be ashamed!  I WISH I had gotten help.  I was so so miserable for months and months after giving birth....eventually one day, I woke up and felt....normal again.  But I wouldn't recommend ignoring it like I did.  I was so embarrassed because I was a teacher, I had always wanted to be a mom....why was I so sad?!?!  If I would've just gotten help, I could have started to fully enjoy motherhood months sooner.  Ben and I missed out.  My bad :-(

Myth Four:  Breastfeeding
"If you breastfeed your child, you'll get skinnier quicker AND your baby will be smarter AND your baby will be healthier"
OK, this one's a three-parter so, starting with the skinny on getting thin by feeding Jr.; You WILL and DO burn more calories breastfeeding than if you didn't, but (here's the big BUT) if you eat junk, guess what?  Pump, feed, whatever and you will not get thin.  You are what you eat.  If you eat ice cream and McDonald's all day verses someone eating whole grains, drinking water and exercising lightly with doctor approval, the healthy will always be the better route, plus whatever you put into your body, goes straight to the baby via the milk.  Think about it.....
Your baby will not be smarter just because they were breastfed.  That's just silly.  If that was the case, everyone would be doing it.  It definitely doesn't hurt your child's brain development, but nowadays, formula has the same ingredients found in breast milk so even if you can't breastfeed, the baby doesn't miss out on very valuable nutrients and vitamins found in it.
Babies that are breastfed are more likely to have strong immune systems, but it does not mean that every baby will have some super power against colds and ear infections.  Some babies are just healthier than others, breastfed or not, just like smarts.  
Breast milk's always best, so do try if you can.  If not, the formula's out there now are fabulous and provide an excellent source of everything your little sweet pea needs to develop just as smart and healthy as the breastfed babies!

I hope y'all enjoyed this edition of What To REALLY Expect - Newborn Nonsense.  Next Wednesday, we're moving on to 4-6 month old and all the fact and fiction that goes along with that fun stage in your bambino's life, plus, they've probably started sleeping through the night now, you probably are getting the hang of this "mommy" thing!  Watch out for that - it's gonna be a goodie too!  

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