Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Recipe of the Week & Katie's Food Files

Tasty Tuesday

Today's another scrumptious edition of Tasty Tuesday, featuring my ROTW (Recipe of the Week): quick & easy southwest chicken fingers w/ asparagus and wild rice.  Katie's Food File has two files today: Homemade Steamer and my no-fail, perfect and super-easy way to cook bacon!  OK ladies, bust out the apron's and lets get started!

Recipe of the Week: 

Southwest Chicken Fingers w/Asparagus & Wild Rice (quick, easy & cheap)

Prep Time:  10min                                    Cook Time: 35min

1lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 Pack of Kraft Fresh Takes "Southwest" seasoning/cheese mixture pack 
1lb Fresh asparagus
1 Box/bag Wild Rice (I use Rice-A-Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice mix, $1-2, any grocer's)
Butter, salt, garlic powder & pepper 

1.)  Preheat oven according to Fresh Takes directions (375 degrees) and slice chicken breasts into strips.
2.)  Coat strips with cheese/crumb mixture and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet, salt pepper and garlic the tops of each strip (you can also add whatever you'd like: peppers, onions, mushrooms - we have to keep it bland for the picky eater we have), throw into the oven and set timer for 35min.
3.)  Wash asparagus and place into steamer (if you don't have a steamer, refer to the below FOOD FILE on how to use items already around the house to make a steamer), salt and garlic them up.
4.)  Prepare rice according to box directions ~or~ use my way of cooking it: 1 TBSP of butter and rice go into the pan, fry it up until butter has turned the lighter rice a golden brown.  Slowly stir in flavor/seasoning packet and 1 2/3 cup water, stir until boiling, reduce heat and cover.  Simmer, stirring occasionally for 20min or until rice is tender and water is absorbed.  Delish!!
5.)  Watch the clock - the rice can be started as soon as the chicken goes into the oven, usually when the rice is boiling, that's when I start the asparagus (steam for 14-16min for 1lb), that way, everything gets done at the same time.
6.)  Serve up and enjoy!  

Southwest Chicken Strips w/Asparagus and Wild Rice

I know this was a "Store-Bought" recipe this week, but many of us don't have the time to create a dining masterpiece every night.  I will be offering recipes that cater to both the working and stay-at-home families.  Today just happens to be one of those meals I depend on when we have a busy evening.  It's delicious, nutritious and provides everyone w/all the food groups they need for a balanced meal!  I also wanted to draw attention to the Kraft Fresh Takes.  They are found in your grocer's dairy case and come in a variety of flavors for chicken, beef and fish.  I've tried almost every kind and the southwest is our favorite.  They have a savory 3 cheese flavor for hamburgers that's incredible as well.  They're priced well, contain lots of product (you can coat over a pound of meat w/what they provide, easily) and they're QUICK!  Try 'em all!

Katie's Food Files:

Homemade Steamers: Two different kinds for you to make today!

If you are like lots of people, you don't own a food steamer.....or you could be one of us who do, let me tell ya, having a steamer has totally changed the way I eat!!  But all those years before I had a steamer, I got pretty creative and some of my idea's worked!!

Tin Foil Steamer
Take a large piece of tin foil, form a strainer-type shape into a large pan with an inch of water in the bottom.  Poke holes all over the tin foil (to let the steam through), place veggie carefully into tin foil strainer, cover, place over heat.  Keep an eye on whatever your steaming, you don't want to over or under cook!  All times will vary so I always just kept a close watch on things.  This way is kind of time consuming, but it DOES work - pretty well too!  I used this style of steamer for probably 10 years!

Metal Strainer Steamer
This steamer is almost identical to the one above and the concept is exactly the same.  Instead of using tin foil to create a strainer, you just use one you have already!  Place the strainer inside a pan w/an inch of water in the bottom, fill w/veggies, cover and cook!  Simple as that!  

Send me your homemade steamer pics in - be sure to document the whole process and the finished product, er...produce ;-)
I would not recommend placing corn in the tin foil steamer, even if the foil is the heavy duty kind, it still probably won't hold but maybe 2-3 small pieces before it rips or tears due to the steam-holes poked into it.
Hope you all try this Food File, pass on the tip - there really is NO EXCUSE to NOT eat fresh veggies now!  They are so much better for you than canned vegetables and taste so much better!  Get some tonight!

This Week:
I have lots of exciting posts, tips and features for this week, please check back here daily and share with your friends!  What to REALLY Expect Wednesday, Fun Friday and some new features that I just know everyone's gonna enjoy!  See y'all here tomorrow!

Peace, Love and Light,


  1. My FOOD FILE about Perfect Bacon didn't post!! I'll have it up soon guys, promise! Don't know WHAT'S up w/my computer today!! Grrrr & sorry, up soon :-)

  2. My FOOD FILE about Perfect Bacon didn't post!! I'll have it up soon guys, promise! Don't know WHAT'S up w/my computer today!! Grrrr & sorry, up soon :-)