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Tasty Tuesday



It's Tuesday, so here is the long awaited edition of Tasty Tuesday!  Today I'll be sharing my mom's chicken recipe that my wonderful nephew aptly named "Chicken Nummies" (when he was little - 3yrs old, maybe?). I also have a wonderful Food File for today: what to do about lunches - tips that will work when time is working against you.  Finally, I'm showing you what's in my fridge!!  Trust me, it's messy and not everything in there is nutritious, I have weaknesses, I have a love for soda that just won't quit!  I hope you all enjoy this week's recipe and the Food File I've picked out for ya! 

RECIPE OF THE WEEK:  Grammy's Chicken Nummies
prep time: 15-20 min
cook time: 30 min @ 350 degrees; 3-5min on broil

1lb  of boneless skinless chicken breast
8oz. package of cream cheese
8oz (2 cups) shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup crumbled bacon (bacon bits work best)
8 slices pre-cooked bacon
banana or jalapeno peppers
fresh chopped chives

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.  In a small bowl combine softened cream cheese, chopped chives, crumbled bacon until mixed together nicely and set aside.

3.  Take chicken breasts and butterfly cut each one.  Generously spread cream cheese mixture all over butterflied chicken breast and fold over.

4.  Bake in Pyrex pan or on a baking sheet for 30min or until chicken it thoroughly cooked.

5.  Take chicken out of the oven and cover breasts with shredded sharp cheddar.  Meanwhile, preheat oven to "Broil".  Top cheddar cheese with 2 strips of bacon per breast, cover the bacon with peppers (optional).  Sprinkle a little more cheddar on top of bacon & peppers.

6.  Broil until cheese is bubbly and bacon is sizzling.

7.  Serve with fresh broccoli or salad and wild rice.

All the ingredients you'll need for Grammy's Chicken Nummies!
Chicken Nummies is a very easy recipe.  My mom didn't like cooking at all, but she did cook well.  She started making this for my dad and herself after they moved down here to Florida.  Us kids all tried it, and we all have been cooking it for our families ever since.  It's the first thing I cooked for Karl - after you cook it, you'll see why he fell in love so hard - it's not me, it's my chicken!!  My mom also always wrote out a grocery list and she stuck to a budget (even when she didn't have to).  This recipe is also very inexpensive per serving.  I paid around $12 for everything shown in this picture and there's enough to serve four people!  Sorry I don't have any pics of it done....I'm making it this week, so I'll post a pic of it on Instagram.

OK, so, why are you still reading?  Go get started on this NOW!!!  Your family will thank you later!


Packing Lunches

With so many families on-the-go constantly these days, it's sometimes not an option to pack a lunch.  There's just no time!  Yes, there is and you'll see that you can throw together a nutritious lunch that your kids will eat and one that you'll feel good about sending.  I will state for the record though, I DO buy my child Lunchables.  I DO send them with him to school or he has them for an after-school snack if we're having a late dinner.  So What?!?!  There's absolutely nothing wrong with giving in to your child's plea's for Lunchables.  Sure, they're high in sodium....so is school lunch.  In moderation, there fine!  I wouldn't suggest only feeding your child Lunchables, but, 1-2 a week is totally acceptable!

So, here's some ideas for packing a lunch, complete with pictures of what's for lunch this week at my house!

**  Sandwiches are awesome - lunch meat and cheeses can be mixed and matched.  Have your child make their own sammie the night before school, while your cleaning up after dinner, throw it in the fridge and the next morning, throw it into the old lunchbox with a juice box, piece of fruit and a snack of some type, BAM! Lunch is served!  

**  Leftovers work excellent!  For public school, you may want to invest in a small resealable thermos.  You can nuke the food piping hot in the a.m., by lunch, it'll still be warm!  In a private school setting, most teachers will reheat the food for your child during lunch. (most public schools will not re-heat food for your child during lunch but in my experiences teaching in private schools, we always heated food up for the children if needed).
**  Good Ol'Lunchables....nuf said. :-)

Lunch Supplies
My "go-to" lunch

My Fridge:

Here's a glance into my fridge.  See, we're just like your family - we got plenty of veggies and fruits but we also have a large variety of sodas, smoothies and sweets!  Leave your comments below or email me your Fridge Pics!  

Lots of fresh veggies - ALWAYS!
BOO! Scary, isn't it?!
Watch for tomorrow's What REALLY to Expect feature post!  Can't wait to hear from and see all your food and fridge pics!

Peace, Love and Light,

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