Wednesday, October 3, 2012

UPDATE!!! What to Really Expect Postponed til 10/4/12

Wednesday Update:

I want to apologise to everyone, What to REALLY Expect Wednesday will have to be postponed until tomorrow.  As most of my readers know, today was the 5 year anniversary of my mom's death.  Today was going to be rough, but my sister called this morning and said she was going to see my dad and he wanted me to come with her.  I thought, perfect, I'll get to spend the day w/my dad and I'll feel better!

I had a WONDERFUL visit w/dad!  He was scooting all over in his wheelchair, talking very good, his trach hole is healing up and is even eating real food (it's soft, but it's not in a feeding tube so he's extremely happy)!  Then we had to leave so I could be home in time to get Ben from school, that's when the day went sour....

We're driving at a cool 75mph down Interstate 75, when BANG!!!  The tire blows, we start spinning uncontrollably down the center of the road for at least quarter mile, after what seemed like forever, my sister regained control of the car and got it to stop spinning.  Then we got to watch as not one or two but THREE State Troopers go whizzing past, one even slowed down to take a good look at the two women and child standing on the side of a busy interstate with a car that's obviously in need of repair!  I am so disappointed with FHP and Sarasota Co. Sheriff's dept right now, I could just scream!  To protect and serve, right?  I guess not on Wednesdays!  God Bless the man who did see a trooper go flying past.  After watching that, he was appalled and quickly turned around to help us out.  

After 30-45 min of waiting, a trooper finally showed up to stand around.  He only stopped because the fire truck (yep, fire truck) got there on scene, radioed him to come help us!  The awesome firefighters moved the car and jacked the side up and removed the wrecked tire!  They were wonderful to all of us!  Then the man and my sister got back and HE put the tire on while the trooper stood over top of him and kinda barked out orders on how to tighten lug nuts!  Did Mr. Officer offer to help?  Nope!  I know that this seems like I am totally against peace officers, I'm not.  I respect them and what they do, but come on!!  Two women and a child on the side of a busy interstate and 3 different cops go by?!  Just seems wrong.  I'll give the benefit of the doubt and HOPE there was some pressing matter that trumps stranded women and children, but I highly doubt it.  OK, enough on that!

So, in conclusion, we're all safe and sound and back in our own county again, back on Island time again and I will be back to blogging tomorrow.  I gotta run, Cub Scouts is tonight and I have to cook dinner!  

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Peace, Love and Light,

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