Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WTF Wednesday (Aaggghh!!!) & Motherhood - After Hours

What to REALLY Expect Wednesday:

I have had a very hectic day and honestly, ran out of time!  What to REALLY Expect will be tomorrow!  I have been running since 5am this morning and I was still 20 min late to Ben's all-important Cub Scout meeting - a boy was getting his Eagle Scout badge, it's a HUGE deal to the scouts.  I felt bad too, because I had Ben all excited for the root beer floats in Halloween take-home cups for his turn bringing in the scouts snack.  Since it was the Eagle ceremony, they had a ton of food and a big sheet cake.  I wish I would've dressed up a little more!  It was kinda like a reception!  Anyways, I just took the stuff home and will have to wait until next week.

It was very charming and all, but I really just wanted to come home.  I had already done about a million other things by that time.   I got home closer to 8pm than anything, then had to drive my dad's truck over to him (I had used it today to run errands off-Island & even though he can't walk, let alone drive, he wanted it back tonight)!!  Karl followed me to pick me up and we had to fly home.  Ben had only just started his homework!  I just got to sit down and write this!  So I hope everyone had an awesome day and I hope everyone will check back tomorrow for What to REALLY Expect and I hope you all enjoy my new installment on the blog: 

Motherhood - After Hours

Here, going along with the WTREW (what to really expect Wednesday) theme, I just wanted to share with you a story about, you guessed it, Motherhood - after hours!  It's a true story and I hope that everyone can relate to it, or at least get a good laugh out of it, just imagining what I had to deal with!  Read on....

Ben was two.  It was late and we were still up because Karl had friends coming in to visit.  They had flew in and were renting a car to drive to our place.  Ben was sleeping and had been very well behaved that day.  Clue number one that something was wrong, but nobody ever tells you that your child, no matter how independent they are, no matter how distant they are, no matter how stand-offish they are, all of them, when sick, magically turn into the most sweet, loving creatures on the planet!!  I just thought Ben was finally cutting me some slack!  Anyhow, things couldn't have been going any smoother when all the sudden, Ben is crying and coughing....Uh Oh!  I know from teaching so many years, when you hear crying followed by coughing, its vomit.  It never fails, vomit.  Well, i was right!  He was covered, his bed was covered, it was in his ears and matted through his cute little spiral curls.  It was everywhere and he wasn't stopping!  It's almost comparable to a fire hose, spraying down a room.  That's what I was dealing with!  It was freaking disgusting and sad and terrifying all at the same time!!  By now it's close to midnight and he's got a fever of 103!!  It was horrible!  Washing the puke off the clothes, furniture and baby multiple times to get the gross milk-smell out of him and his stuff.  He slept on an air mattress between Karl and I that night and I will never forget it.  It was his first high fever and the first time he ever threw up.  He spit up before as a baby, but never like this.  I've seen adults that had been drinking for days and not puke that bad!  Nobody ever told me about that.  I NEVER expected to have to deal with cleaning that mess, then caring for this tiny little sick child.  Its soooo scary!  You realize that you would do ANYTHING for your babies.  The love is so intense, so raw.  So......indescribable, like nothing I ever expected!!  ;-)

Sweet dreams ladies, I'll be here tomorrow, writing my little butt off, just for you!!

Peace, Love and Light,

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