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Thanksgiving Day Go-To Guide, part 2

It's Just About Turkey Time!!
Thanksgiving for Mice! lol
Here's part two of my go-to guide for an easy, stress-free Thanksgiving!  In this edition, I'm going to explain the perfect way to season Mr. Tom Turkey (my secret ingredient will be reveled), how to deal with relatives that can't stand each other, alternative afternoon activities for the kids and, of course, more sweets!  My family's always been big on sweets and deserts so I'm sorry if I'm putting such a strong emphasis on that aspect of Thanksgiving.  Lets get started!

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Send me a picture and recipe for your THANKSGIVING/AUTUMN-THEMED cupcake!  The Winner will be announced tomorrow AND will have their recipe/design featured as the recipe of the week for Tasty Tuesday!!  Entries MUST be in by 10am est.


Perfect Turkey, Every Time
To perfectly season a turkey follow these simple steps I learned from a dear old Perto Rican friend, Maria Ortega.  She taught me this recipe at least 10 years ago and I've done it every year since.  It's so succulent and delicious - you'll be loving it!
  • cover that bad boy in butter - really coat it good
  • next rub it down with Adobo seasoning, garlic salt, pepper and Goya brand seasoning packets(sold in the ethnic section)
  • cook it (times will vary depending on size and poundage)
  • while cooking, braise with butter until skin is nice and crispy-golden brown
  • eat it up

Holiday Drama
It can be the most wonderful time or the most dreadful, depending on what color sheep you are. If your having problems with your family, here's my advice: be polite and ignore them.  It can be very hard, but trust me, NOBODY wants there to be a drag-out, knock-down fight in the streets!  If you are put into a situation where there is NO way to avoid conflict, be the bigger person and just leave!  It sucks, but fighting on the holidays is even worse than keeping your head raised high and ignoring drama, right? Right.
Arguments can wait until after the first of the year....this is the time when families need to be together and love one another!

Alternative Ideas for Kids
After the big feast, the kids are all amped up and ready to go!  Here's a list of ideas to do with the children, they range from $$ to free and all are kid approved!
  • Movie Theater - This idea is kinda pricey, but, they usually have GREAT movies that open on Thanksgiving day!  I can remember seeing every classic Disney movie at the theater with my mom, siblings, aunts and all my cousins...we had a blast!!
  • Early Black Friday - Nothing says Thanksgiving like waiting in line at Best Buy!  Stay warm and stay safe!!
  • Parks - Going to a park is free and has everything you need to get rid of that "food baby" you feel like you're about to birth!
  • Neighborhood Pick-Up - Give thanks by cleaning up the neighborhood!  Grab a few bags, the kids and hit the streets!  Pick up the old cans, wrappers and litter left behind.  Mother Earth will thank you!
  • Volunteering - Probably the most giving thing you can do is to donate your time to helping others.  Someones ALWAYS has it worse than you, show them they are not in this alone, that you're their to help.  You can't imagine how rewarding you'll feel!

Gobble Gobble Goodies
Now, my favorite part of the post....the deserts!  I'll include short descriptions of each one...if you want more detailed recipes, comment below or email me and I'll get the complete recipe out to you ASAP

2012-11-17 21.35.47-1.png
Candy Corn Parfaits
Take vanilla and butterscotch pudding
layer them in a fancy glass, then
top it off w/whipped cream!  
2012-11-17 21.37.28-1.png
Leaf Pie Crusts
Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes
from pie crust dough, paint with food
coloring and decorate your pies!
Cook as directed and serve w/love!

Double Stuff Toms
Shove candy corn into the icing part
of an Oreo, take a dab of icing to secure
Reese's cup face and candy corn beak
eyes are just black & white icing

2012-11-17 21.39.02-1.png
Rice Crispy Turkeys
Follow directions on box for treats
take mixture, roll into balls, dip into
melted chocolate and decorate w/
candy corns and candy dots!

2012-11-17 21.38.06-1.png
Sugar Cookies
Basic sugar cookies cut out w/
cookie cutters & decorated w/icing
& candies. Easy & fun!!
Final Thoughts
Whether you're traveling afar or staying local; host or guest; being w/family and friends is the most important part of the day.  Sure, we all want the "Martha Stewart" Thanksgiving, but the majority will closer resemble the "Conner's" (Rosanne)!  Just treasure the time you do get to spend with loved ones.  Don't take it for granted and take lots of me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Peace, Love & Light,

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