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Thanksgiving Day Go-To Guide: Part Uno

Giving Thanks
Its that wonderful time of year when the air is crisp, the leaves are brilliantly colored, sweaters and scarves are an essential and.......your entire family will be here Wednesday and you have NO IDEA what to do, what to cook, where they'll sleep, Aaaggghhh!!!!
No sweat!  I've got your Thanksgiving Day guide, complete with deserts, decor and of course, Tom Turkey!  Read on to learn how to have a great day without the stress; I've even added some fun stuff for the kids to do - they won't even realize their helping you put on the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!!!  This edition is SOOOOO HUGE, I've had to spit it up into 2 separate posts!  This one's all about crafts and cupcakes!

Katie's Kid-Friendly Kraft Korner: Thanksgiving Edition
I've listed a few craft ideas that the kids can do while the adults are busy cooking and/or watching football (I know, I don't quite get that tradition either).  All they'll need is a few supplies and lots of imagination!  Here we go!

Be Thankful Garland:
All you'll need for this super-easy garland is yarn, scissors, construction paper leaves, hole punch, glue and construction paper lettering (you can hand-make them or buy prepackaged and cut).

  1. cut leaf shapes from construction paper
  2. punch hole at the top of each leaf
  3. string yarn though holes & tape the back so the leaves don't all slide together once hung
  4. trace & cut out lettering if homemade
  5. glue on lettering
  6. hang from mantle and take in the "ooh's" & "Aah's"

Cut-out leafs w/lettering hung w/string across the mantle
Assorted Candle Holders:
For this idea you will need: Mason jars, clear vases, craft glue, twine, leaves (real), baby pumpkins, melon ball scooper, knife, tea lights and assortment of different sized candles

Baby Pumpkin Candle Holder:
Baby Pumpkin Candle Holders

  1. cut off stem (if not already removed) from 3-4 baby pumpkins
  2. use melon ball scooper to scoop out a hole big enough to fit a tea light into on top of pumpkin
  3. place tea light in, light and enjoy! 

**This is a perfect kraft for younger children!

Mason Jar Candle Holder:

  1. take glue and "paint" the outside of the jar
  2. apply leaves to outside of jar
  3. do a top coat of glue to prevent leaves from cracking and crumbling
  4. use twine to tie ribbons or decorative knots around the top
**This is a perfect kraft to give as a gift! Ideal for neighbors, relatives, mailman, etc.

Vase Candle Holder:
  1. apply glue to both sides of a leaf to protect against breaking and crumbling, set aside to dry
  2. take a candle and tie a treated leaf around it w/twine
  3. drop into vase and enjoy!
**Add corn kernels to bottom of vase for added pizazz or substitute Indian corn, dried flowers in lieu of leaves

Vase w/leaves, twine & kernels
Modge-Podged Mason jar candle holders

Paperback Pumpkin Decoration:

All you'll need for this idea is a heavy-duty stapler, sharp scissors, an old book (NOT a hardbound one, not a picture book - just words work best), small piece of wood for stem, small piece of green fabric

  1. cut book into a "pumpkin"
  2. open book all the way until front and back cover touch
  3. staple the front and back covers together
  4. slide piece of wood down into the center for the pumpkin's stem
  5. tie fabric ribbon around top of "stem" and cut a "leaf" out of remaining fabric

Paperback Pumpkin

Katie's KupKakes & Konfections:
With the holidays practically beating our doors down; I've been keeping an eye out for some good cupcake ideas.  I love cupcakes and baking, so since I was around maybe 11 or 12, I've always done the holiday/birthday cakes for the family.  Here's my picks for Best Thanksgiving-themed Cupcakes 2012:

Yummy!  This is too cute to eat!
Gobble, 3 little turkeys up!!
All these are just way too fabulous!!!
The cornucopia is a bugle & the Pilgrim hat's a Reese's Cup!!

OK, so, are YOU inspired?!?!  Send me pictures of your BEST Thanksgiving or Autumn-themed cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc.  I'll choose a winner and will be posting on Tasty Tuesday the "chosen one's" recipe of the week - just in time for Thanksgiving!!! Also on Tuesday I'll have a complete tutorial on how to recreate a very tasty treat that's worth giving thanks for!  REMEMBER:  Send in your pics and recipe, I'll pick one and post it as the featured Recipe of the Week!!  

Don't put it off just cause you assume someone else is gonna do me, they're not going to.  Must eat.....then pass out.....happy birthday to me!!! (yep, it's 11:30pm; in 30 minutes, its my birthday....yay old people - I'm one of you now!

Tomorrow is Part 2 of Thanksgiving Go-To Guide!!!!

Peace, Love & Light

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