Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Friday!!

WOW!! What A Week!
So, the week that was supposed to be filled with sunshine and rainbows ended up being filled with me screaming, stomping and crying more so than not!  First off, Ben got two, yep, TWO yellow days.  At his school, they grade behavior on colors: Green is of course good; yellow and orange are warnings and sit-outs at recess; red is a call home and purple is a trip to the Principal's office plus the call home!  He's never gotten any color change lower than orange, but I feel that I have a green child.  So, that made me mad.  Yesterday, he was all out of sorts - snotty, coughing and just not listening to anyone or anything.  For me, it just seemed like no matter what I did to get caught up, I just couldn't get to the spot where I could just sit and type.  Then today, I got the call I knew I was gonna get - "Please come get Benjamin.  He's running a slight fever and he's extremely snotty" said the school secretary.  I walked up to get him and by the time school let out and his girlfriends across the street walked home, he was miraculously cured!  
Oh, It Gets Better.......
The icing on the cake came earlier this evening:  Karl got home very late, holding a bag (I assumed the bag was for me, considering I'm the birthday gal), I looked into it, was 2 shirts, socks and underwear.....FOR HIM!!!!  I was furious!  I totally lost control!  It's not that I'm shallow and gimme, gimme, gimme, I want presents.  Its the whole principal of the matter; its just common sense to know better than to buy yourself stuff when its your woman's birthday, right?!?!  So, we're finally speaking again and he apologized for not considering how it would make me feel (I'm sure he's got something planned and then I'll feel even worse).  Why would I expect anything less than the week I got?!  God sends his strongest soldiers to fight his toughest battles, so I'm once again gonna assume I'm a 5-star general in God's army by now!

Tasty Tuesday Pics
I had promised that once I baked the BBQ Chicken Tortilla Pizza, I would post pics.  I have posted on both Twitter and Instagram, but, I wanted to share here too, for those of you who still aren't following me on my other accounts!!  Here she is, in all her glory!

BBQ Chicken Tortilla Pizza - YUMMERS!!

A Few Of My Favorite Things
Here's a fun way to put this post to bed - by sharing a few of my favorite things with y'all!  This is just a "weekly round-up pictorial" of some things that I CAN NOT live without this week!

  • COLORED JEANS - I'm totally head-over-heels for SO Brand's colored skinny jeans!  I found them at Kohl's for retail $36.00 but I got the red ones on sale for $21.00!!  I then earned $20 Kohl's Cash and went back to get the green ones and ended up spending $3.00!!  Yay coupons!!!  (the striped shirt is also SO Brand for $14.00 on sale & the grey shirt is by Agenda, I picked it up for $2.99 at Goodwill; shoes: Black Converse Chucks also a Goodwill find & Minnitonka brand Moccasins - garbage find!!!)

I L-O-V-E these SO Brand Skinny Jeans from Kohl's
The fit is great, the price is right & they come in EVERY color possible!!
Honey Boo Boo Child - I am officially obsessed with Alaina, Pumpkin, Chubs, the pregnant teen, Mama and Sugar Bear!  They are a HOOT!!  After watching season 1 of TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", I found this fabulous piece of artwork made completely out of garbage!  It's got tiara's, coupons, toilet paper rolls, sketti, butter wrappers, cheese puffs, sorry cards, scissors, Red Bull and Mt. Dew cans - even a Cabbage Patch Kid for an arm and fingers!  The artist is Jason Mecier.  Bravo, Jason.  Bravo!!
Honey Boo Boo Immortalized in Garbage.....surprisingly, no roadkill!?!

  • Cassey Ho/Blogilates - Cassey is a Pilates instructor that started her YouTube Phenom practically by accident!  She filmed and posted a workout online for her former students after moving from one side of the country to another, Blogilates and POP Pilates (pilates routines to pop music) was born, and the rest is history!  She is my "fit"spiration and my personal Pilates Guru.  Check out or go to my YouTube channel and look under my subscriptions (Blogilates TV).  I started Pilates in May.  At 5' 5", I was a juniors size 9 (very, very tight fit) and was around 140lbs.  Fast forward to now, I do 3-5 days a week for 30-60min.  I weigh a cool 113 and have totally shrunk into a slim size 5!!!  I love the way Cassey motivates and stays so fresh and current.  I recommend Blogilates to anyone who wants to look and feel like a million bucks!
Cassey & I gettin ready to KILL THOSE MUFFINTOPS!!!

  • Benjamin Michael and his new-found love of literacy - Ben recently went to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre to see a production of Flat Stanley, the beloved story of Stanley, the boy who got flattened by a bulletin board and was shipped in the mail all over the country and the adventures he finds along the way.  Ben's teacher, Mrs. Manguson, had read them the story before going to the play.  I had shared w/Ben that MY old students read Flat Stanley, even shipped our "Stanley" cut-out to different states to see what adventures my student's relatives could find for Stanley before documenting w/pictures and sending back to our school.  I have looked everywhere for my collection of Stanley books (I have the complete series), plus a laminated Stanley.  Ben had his heart set on reading all of the series and sending our Stanley to Ohio and Illinois (where our relatives live) but since we can't find them (that damn attic!!), he has made a collection of Stanley's himself!  He actually took his time and concentrated (a true feat for him)!  In the midst of chaos and mental breakdowns, he sure did make me a proud mama today - being all creative and wanting to read a series!!!  I guess that explains the Midterm report I got today:  ALL A's and B's!!!  YAY BEN!!!  Mama loves you Ben!
My literary genius and Stanley 1.0 (we're up to 3 or 4 now)

Wait.....There's More
I also wanted to send a special shout out to my sister, Sarah.  She has been such a great sister and a wonderful friend.  Since the DAY she was born, until now, 32 years later, she's still my baby, still my best friend.  I sincerely believe that we have a closer connection than most twins have!  She is the definition of sister, best friend, beautiful, mother.  She's ALWAYS been there for me unconditionally, 110%.  I love her so so much and with Thanksgiving next week, I just wanted to give thanks for God blessing me with such a wonderful sister to share this life with.
I love you, Sarah.  You are the Eeyore to my Tigger, the Garth to my Wayne, the Christina to my get the picture!  

I hope everyone has a great weekend - be on the lookout for a special Thanksgiving Edition this weekend.  I'm shooting for tomorrow night/Sunday morning, but, I think y'all know me well enough by now to know that me and schedules (as much as I LOVE them), never seem to work out quite right!  Ah, the life of a mother!

Don't forget to send birthday money to me, Katie Swafford-Wheatley, Pine Island Florida!  LOL Seriously, if ANYONE does have a wild hair up their asses to send gifts, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them to the American Red Cross to help Restore the Shore - I've lived through the devastation and mass destruction of Hurricane Charley in 2004 - I lost everything: my apartment to water and wind/tree damage, a Chevy Blazer (tree fell down right on the center, smashing it to smithereens), all my furniture....everything.  No electric in some places for over 3 months!!!  But, at least it was hot down here in August when it happened - it's much easier to cope when you're not FROZEN.  Those poor Northerner's have no heat!!!  It's winter up there!!!  Please donate what you can, when you can - even if you feel it's not enough, you'd be surprised.  

A Little Help Brings A Lot Of Hope!! (my new motto - nobody better steal it)!!

Peace, Love & Light
aka, Birthday Gal

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