Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm the WORST....

OMG....I know, I know! I promised a new post (pre-Christmas) and I didn't deliver. (I'm sorry, I really am)
I spent some much-needed rest and quality time w/my family. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, as I did.  My family all gathered at my dad's Casa (pap's house) and feasted on two different types of hams- a honey glazed AND smoked bacon (my fave- swine on swine), cheesy hash brown bake, asparagus and my world-famous bacon/swiss rolls! (I smell a "food file" recipe for 2013)!! Of course, we were at no loss for sweets either: cheesecake sampler, cookies and Xmas cupKates!
The kids scored big-time with video games (COD: Black Ops II & Halo4 for both), Halo Megablocks, art sets and Legos. My brother also gave the boys $50 Visa giftcards!  Success!
I didn't do to bad either! I got a Hello Kitty-themed bag full of goodies and fun things w/who else? Hello Kitty! I also got a collagen mask (I'm dying to try it out)! It was a simple Christmas this year, but it was just what I think everyone needed! Then.....
Life happened (AGAIN)!!
Karl lost his job and to top it off, Ben and I BOTH have the flu....a terrible, nasty, icky flu that will not go away!!
So, as this fabulous (I use the term loosely) year comes to a close, I can only hope for a better 2013.  With the ending of the shittiest year ever about to end, I thought some resolutions were in order.  Since there's nowhere to go but up, I'm shooting for the starts and setting the bar high!  So far, my list goes something like this:
1. I WILL exercise AT LEAST 5x a week
2. I WILL be a more patient mother & wife
3. I won't be so critical of others (especially my family)
4. Maybe I'll look into going back to school
5. I want to start going to church (maybe if I repent, my luck will improve)
6. Drink more water
.....drumroll.....this is the biggie.....

OK, with all that out there for y'all to now hold me accountable for, lets enjoy some pics from the holidays! (All my pics can be seen on Twitter: @MizzKatieS or on Instagram: @mizzkatie_s follow me on both!!)
I'll be blogging again real soon, I wanna get one more post in before the new year, so, until we meet again....

Peace, Love & Light,

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