Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I've missed y'all!! (just a quick update)

I just wanted to let everybody know (for those who didn't already), I was hospitalized last week & had to undergo surgery.  I'm OK, but the procedure was quite grueling & painful.
I had a sinus infection that spread to 3 of my back molars, which, in turn, led to major abscesses & major infection.  The surgical team & all the Dr.'s who worked on me, as well as the nurses, CNA's & staff did a wonderful job getting me back to health.
Hense, I've been at home, quietly resting.  Then, early Friday morning, Karl's shoulder became dislocated (from a previous injury) & we were back at Lee Memorial! After enough Prophefal & Ketamine to kill a full-grown elephant, they were able to pop that sucker into place. I was still pretty swelled up & still feeling really lousy, but I was determined to get out my Blogmas Christmas Edition but after hearing about the tragedy in Newtown, CT., I just couldn't!  I was totally devastated! I taught & was a principal for 12 years....it really hit home.  I spent the next few days crying my eyes out & wondering why.  There's still so many unanswered questions that we ALL have, so many emotions that we're all still trying to get a grip on, but, for the sake of the families, the children & the entire nation, I feel that we must use this horrific tragedy as a platform to educate & make sure this NEVER happens again. Period. (I'll delve into my personal feelings & opinions later).
Now, on a (much) lighter note, Christmas is just days away! Are you ready?  Are you even close? Hahaha....me neither!  Tonight, I'm wrapping presants, tomorrow, more shopping!
I am gonna be blogging tomorrow too! Yep, spread the word- I'm back from hiatus!

I also wanted to say that I hope everyone who was celebrating Hanukkah last week had 8 safe, happy & all-around crazy-fun nights with your families! 
Peace, Love & Light,

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