Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Got Lice....and that's the BEST thing that's happened all week!!

It's 11:52am and here I sit at Cape Coral Hospital, in a wheelchair, swelled up and very sore.
What happened, you ask? Well, let me rewind to yesterday morning.  My sister calls me at 8:30am to tell me she and my nephew have lice. Great. Lice. Now, I've had lice before , but I was a dirty little kid- I'm an adult who takes great pride in my personal hygiene!  Maybe I don't have it, I thought.  I thought wrong. Ben didn't have any (surprisingly), neither did Karl.  Just me.  So, I had to treat EVERYTHING- humans, furniture, bedding/ was a nightmare!  Plus, I'm STILL dealing w/the tooth, it's now soooo bad that my eye is almost swelled shut!  To top things off, after dozing off around 3am, I woke from a dream & had to pee.  I got up, but, the weight of my body (all 117lbs of me), was too much for my ankle, it just snapped! Its now swollen, bruised and can't support my weight. 
So, I sit here in this crowed reception area, waiting, waiting, waiting for these schmucks to tell me they can't do shit to help!
I'll keep everyone updated on Twitter and Instagram of what's happening w/me.  Bad luck comes in 3s so hopefully it's over!

I'm including a pic for you're viewing pleasure of what I looked like when I woke up....WARNING: THIS PIC IS VERY, VERY DISTURBING! View at you're own risk!!

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