Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like BLOGmas!!!

Deck The Halls With Christmas Cheer...

So, its December, it's shopping season, holiday season and it's also my favorite month!  I love love love the holidays, especially Christmas!  To celebrate just how much I love all things red, white & green, I'm announcing the first annual BLOGmas!!!  Basically, Blogmas is just me randomly blogging about the holidays, what we're doing, where we're going and what we'll be getting Ben this year.  I'll be posting pics on my Instagram and Twitter accounts daily so make sure to follow me on them too!  I will be doing a Food File all about Xmas cookies, a clothes haul from my birthday and....of course, Ben's wish list haul!!!  I'm even thinking of doing a virtual tour of the house so y'all can see my Xmas decorations!  Make sure to check here daily to see what I'm up to next!  To kick things off, I thought I'd share a few pics I've taken so far of the holidays...I hope y'all enjoy this time of year as much as I do! (I don't wanna show too much, I'm saving those pics for future blogs)

Beautiful Bulbs

My Hello Kitty tree

Sally Ornament
What's your favorite part of the holidays?  Mine is definitely seeing the look on people's faces when they get the gift they really wanted and the tag says from: Katie!!  That's the best present of all - giving!  I love giving gifts (and receiving....who doesn't???).  I love decorating for Christmas, the lights, the sparkles, the sheer's like I exploded all over the place! lol  Email me your favorite part of the holidays or just leave me a comment below!

Dentist Wanted: For Pro Bono Work...

My swelled-up left side...
NOT feeling like a beauty today!
It's 11:36am (est) and I'm on hold with my bleepity-bleeping insurance people.  I have had to endure the physical pain, torturous throbbing and mental anguish of an abscess tooth, or 2, possibly 3.  I literally can not take this pain any longer!!!  Normally, no big deal, go to the dentist's, right? Wrong.  I have horrible teeth, most in the back have had to be pulled and I'm not working with a whole lot so I'm trying to save what I've got.  So, the dentist's assistant suggested we try to get the insurance co. to cover dentures cause its beyond cosmetic now, its medically necessary - I can't eat without teeth and I'm down to my last 2 on one side! But when I RODE MY STINKING BIKE 6 miles THERE AND BACK, I found out my insurance has dropped me!?!?!  Why?  Because I have Medicaid (I'm medically needy with my RA and all), that's why.  They dropped me because according to them, I make too much money (last time I checked, I did NOT get a paycheck from sitting around blogging all day), but apparently, that's why!  So, I'm back to square one....swelled face and no relief in sight! 

** I'm DEAD serious about the Dentist wanted!!!  If you want to help my mouth, shoot me an email!  Please and Thank You!!

Happy Birthday To You, Mom

Today's my late mother's birthday.  She would've been 65 years young.  I miss her so so much, especially around this time of year.  She loved being with family and devoted her entire life to taking care of us.  No matter how much time goes by, I still miss her like it happened yesterday (OK, I'm trying to NOT cry right now).  She was a great teacher, a wonderful wife and hands down, the BEST mother any child could ever want or ask for.  She was and always will be my hero.  She may be gone physically, but she's always with me, in my mind, in my heart.

My beautiful mama

With my dad on their wedding -
They would've been married 28yrs
this past July....Love you Mom

Wedding day jitters....
Happy Birthday Mom, I love you.

Peace, Love & Light,

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