Saturday, November 10, 2012

Motherhood After Hours: Ramblings and Whatnot

Week In Review:
I know, I know!  This is hardly a "timely" fashion for the post!  I just really had a rough last couple of days and needed a small sabbatical from cyber-space, spent some quality time with my family and just kinda laid around and did nothing but watch Breaking Amish season 1 on YouTube.  I also attended a fabulous Veteran's Day Program at Ben's school Friday.  Pictures are posted on Instagram and Twitter.  I am including them here also for those of you who don't follow me (shame on you)!!
My RA is another problem I've been having since the weather is changing.  My wrists are horribly twisted and swollen, my fingers, just a crippled, disfigured mess. It's not a perty sight.  The right one at this very moment, feels as if its broken....OK, maybe not broken, but at least sprained.  It's bad news, ladies.  I have been slowly weaning off my meds (its just too expensive to afford - my otherwise wonderful insurance doesn't cover the particular compounded medicine that I take therefore I'm S.O.L.) I am gonna try to get into see a Rheumatoid specialist, maybe start some type of new therapy, homeopathic or modern - IDK at this point.  I just don't want to hurt anymore.  So, its been painful to do anything, let alone blog.  I hate it, this is enjoyable for me.  I look forward to doing this, I love it.  
OK, enough of my whining...we've all been waiting since WEDNESDAY for something new, so ta-da, enjoy!! 

Veteran's Day 2012:
1109121025-1.jpgOn Friday, Nov. 9, 2012, students all around the US, as well as right here on my island, celebrated and honored our vets.  Students at Pine Island Elementary, under the direction of Mrs. Monica Renz, put on a tear-jerking performance!  First, the Pine Island Boy Scouts, troop 20 (Ben's troop) did an outstanding job with the Flag Ceremony.  All the scouts showed respect and thoughtfulness during this serious event.  After a short welcome speech, the second graders sand "God Bless the USA" but did sign language along with the song!!  (in editing right now - should be up on YouTube soon)  Mr. Paul Birdell, a vet, gave a very special message to the students, then all the honored guests stood and introduced themselves and told what branch they served in, what wars they fought in, etc.  I really enjoyed hearing what they had accomplished in their military careers.  The Eagle Choir as well as the entire student body sang some songs, a pride award winning poem was read by a 4th grader and Taps was played by Mr. Bill Misenhimer.  It was a great way to celebrate and recognize our wonderful community of veterans.

2nd Grader's say Thank You

P.I.E. students 

4th Grader, Riley, reciting her award-winning poem

Pine Island Vets being recognized while students & parents watch & listen

....On An Unrelated Note:
Ben brought home his school pictures Friday afternoon.  Let me just say this before y'all judge me.  This kid of mine has NEVER taken a bad picture.  He is the most photogenic child I've ever met!  He poses at the drop of a hat, takes pride in his dashing good looks and just knows how to turn it on when it comes to pictures, especially school pics that I'm over-paying for!  He brings me home this:

I paid $50 for THIS?!?!?!

AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!  I told the little stinker when he left that morning just 3 things

  2. DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR HAIR - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (he told me right before pics, he went to the bathroom, wet his hands and smoothed the water through his hair)
  3. DO NOT SMILE LIKE IT HURTS (so what does he do? Growls at the damn camera)
Maybe I'm being to tough on him, they ARE cute, really cute, but I know what this boy's capable of producing and honestly, that ain't it.  I was expecting something more like this:

Isn't this picture BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?

Perfect smile, hair messy but cute, not all awkward and weird-looking!  IDK, like I said, maybe I'm just being too judgemental.  I remember my 2nd grade mom, God bless her, was just HORRIBLE when it came to doing hair, so imagine what I looked like....and if I'm not mistaken, I, OK, I KNOW that I was snarling in mine too!!!  WOW!!! I'm feeling a lot better about this picture business now!  Typing it out just knowing that y'all will be reading it, probably laughing a bit or thinking what a mean, lousy mom I am or something else nasty, discrediting my parenting skills (you know you are - I do the same damn thing) to better your own, has actually made me feel better!  I'm not gonna hide them - I'm gonna proudly send them to all my relatives outta state, give them to the neighbor girls, pass them out like free tickets to the zoo (do you get those too, constantly?)!!  

Next Week:
  • Newborn Nonsense: 10-12 months (pt. 4)
  • It's My Birthday: A week of my FAVES - food, fashion, beauty, entertainment & more
  • Tasty Tuesday: My FAVE birthday foods
  • Thanksgiving Preview: Decor, the feast, what to wear...all the deets
OK, its late, I gotta get to bed!  See ya next week!

Peace, Love & Light


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