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Birthday Week Kick-Off and Newborn Nonsense, pt. 4

Happy Birthday To Me!!
So, I bet y'all have guessed who's got a birthday coming up?!?!  Yep!  It's me!  I know I shouldn't be so excited, but honestly, I am!  I am gonna be 35 years young, I feel not a day older than maybe 23-24 and I am aging quite gracefully if you ask me.  Why wouldn't I be excited!? 
 I went shopping at Kohl's for my birthday outfit - mission accomplished!  I picked up a SO Brand sweater in my signature black and grey horizontal stripes (I have an entire WARDROBE of black and grey horizontal striped shirts, blouses, I said, it's my signature look.  I also got my very first pair of colored jeans!  Beautiful RED jeans!  They were only $21.99 and I ended up receiving $20 Kohl's Cash, so I'm gonna go back this week and get the most beautiful pair of GREEN ones!

My Week-At-A-Glance (what I do when I'm not on here)
Possible Birthday Dinner w/the Fam...What Have I Done???
I have a busy, busy week this week.  I want to plan a birthday dinner for my family to celebrate my 35th birthday w/me probably Thursday (my actual birthday is 11/18).  Nobody has a clue I want to do this, not even Karl.  It's very rarely that we're all getting along.  I'm really not sure if everyone is cool right now with everyone else or not....but, whatev's!!  So, what's my dilemma, besides wanting to hang out with my family, you ask?  I have NO STINKIN' IDEA what to cook these savages that are my immediate family (I kid)!  Should I do a casual, buffet-style, serve-yourself-type dinner or a more traditional, sit-down dinner leaning towards the formal side of things?  My family is NOT formal, so that would be fun to see everyone looking nice....I'm the only one who wears heels and make-up to the grocery store on a Tuesday afternoon.  I've always dressed up, even when I have nowhere to go!  A casual buffet would be mellow, probably less tense - something we DEF. don't need....IDK!!!  I also thought it would be a good time to take pictures too, with ALL of us...again, I don't know.....HELP ME!!!  Email me or leave a comment with ANY AND ALL IDEAS PERTAINING TO THIS DAMN DINNER!!!  

And Now, without further delays, I bring you:

Newborn Nonsense: 10-12 month old, pt. 4
It's finally here!!  The last part in the 4-part series I entitled Newborn Nonsense.  I have had a lot of positive feedback and comments/compliments on this series.  I will continue to bring y'all information on anything you want to know my opinion on!  I enjoy doing it and since I haven't had a baby for about 7 years now, I do this for you ladies out there!  Enjoy!

Developmental Milestones: 10-12 months old
Chances are by now, your sweet 'lil bundle of joy is now a creeping, crawling, cruising machine that has (if not anything else) helped to quicken the process of grey hairs!  These quick little monkeys are growing up so fast!  The past year has flown by!  What to expect out of your little one will vary from baby to baby, as I've said a million times before, but here are some milestones to look forward to (if baby hasn't reached them yet), according to the Mayo Clinic  I've listed them, along w/a brief excerpt from their web page.

  • Improved Motor Skills - Most babies can sit, crawl and pull themselves up to a standing position.  They explore their surroundings.  Most will be walking by their very first birthday!!  Talk about an important milestone!
  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination - Babies can feed themselves finger food, in some cases, hold utensils.  Babies enjoy stacking objects, banging objects together, throwing, dropping, kicking....basically lots of loud, physical play is happening!
  • New Cognitive Skills - As the understanding of object permanence improves, he/she will be able to easily find hidden objects.  Your baby will begin to realize that you still exist even when you're out of sight!  Again, sooo exciting!
  • Evolving Language - Babies are responding to verbal commands and requests.  They understand words for familiar people and events.  Many babies become skilled at various gestures (shaking head yes & no, pointing, waving).  You've probably also noticed your little one mimic the actions of others (ie: talking on phone, "cooking" w/a play kitchen set, caring for baby dolls/stuffed animals).  Your baby's babblings have probably already began to take on new inflection and evolve into words like dada, mama, uh-oh, no, yes, cat.
I hope that your bambino is hitting all the milestones mentioned above!  I loved this age, Ben was doing new things daily!  With technology the way it is today, you'll have no excuse not to record and capture every milestone!  

Age-Appropriate Toys for Learning
I'm not even gonna lie, the older they get, the crazier they get!  You probably feel like all you've said for the past couple months is "NO"!  Wait!  Don't fret, fearful first-time mother, below I've teamed up with Fisher Price with a suggestive list of learning toys for your tiny tots:
  • Foot-to-floor ride-on toys - Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy; EZ Turn Scooter; Ford F-250 Super Duty rider TIPS: Clear a path (remember: children push backward before they push forward).  Prepare a "route".  Use simple direction and wording so he/she can understand the actions desired (go, get on, get off, stop, forward, back)
  • Toys to enhance physical development - Scoop & Whirl Popper; Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Walker; Growing Baby Pull Along Froggie  TIPS: Moving along w/these type of toys will exercise large motor skills, remember to label actions with words and help build little one's excitement by asking questions (What do YOU think will happen if we push this button?)
  • Musical toys - Growing Baby Musical Xylo Fish; Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker; Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza  TIPS:  Encourage independent play, you can let your child play by herself - it's not a reflection on you or your parenting skills - even babies need their space!  Play games, sing, clap.  Music and movement are ESSENTIAL to healthy growth and development!  Do music and dancing of some type daily!
  • Animal-themed playsets - Little People Musical Zoo Train; Little People Animal Sounds Farm; Little People Noah's Ark Gift Set  TIPS: Activate the animal sounds on playsets to help reinforce recognition skills.  Imitating is a great way to learn!  Pretend to be an animal and let your child mimic your movements and sounds.  Ask questions about the animals (what's this called?  Where do _____ live?  Etc.)
I hope these suggestions help.  Personally, Ben LOVED Fisher Price Little People.  We actually HAVE the Zoo Train, Animal Sounds Farm, an awesome Animal Sounds Zoo, the Car Garage....pretty much everything they made between 2004 and 2007, I have in my attic!  Check out Fisher Price's page for even more suggestions and advice!, click on the PLAYTIME GUIDE for tips and toys that are fun plus developmentally appropriate for your child's age and skills.  Love them peeps at Fisher Price!

Feeding Time
Some babies are eating solid foods and drinking from a sippy cup.  Others have little to no teeth and get most of their meals via bottle or breast.  Personally, I started Ben on food very, very early (like cereal in his bottle at 2 weeks).  He cut like 2-3 teeth back-to-back by 3 months, by 1 year old, he had all his teeth and had been eating solid food and drinking straight cow's milk since he was 10 months old (his doctor approved the milk transition).  It's basically what your comfortable with.  Nobody is gonna do a better job raising your child than YOU!!  Remember that when your mother-in-law suggests you feed your child something ridiculous or inappropriate.  Just humor her, when she leaves, you can call your girlfriend and talk shit on her all you want.  Point is, you know best!

I have to go to's gonna be 1am before I get to publish and post this damn blog!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and the week ahead will be wonderful, your wonderful...sweet dreams ladies!

Peace, Love & Light

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